...looking at Wayne Rainey’s photographs is like waking from some half forgotten dream, beautiful, ethereal yet alive.
— Famous Fine Art Photographer Keith Carter

Wayne Rainey

Wayne Rainey, an Arizona native with a storied family history, began his career as a successful commercial photographer and has now branched into large scale art and film. He is known for creating images and imagery that instill the essence of the ordinary and reveal life’s simple honest beauty.

Educated in the practice of photography through over 25 years of direct experience spanning a wide range of commercial and fine art work, Rainey’s curriculum includes study at Phoenix College and abroad. Rainey founded Rainey Studios in 1990 and honed an appreciation and identifiable style for creating images based in place.

As an artist, Rainey strives to capture the essence of a place, its inhabitants and the special quality that drew him to the subject matter in the first place. In his commercial work, he constantly challenges the nature of advertising and seeks to explore the nuances of the core message of each campaign.

Artist Statement

People reflect, sometimes unknowingly, the environment and times they occupy and my passion is identifying that connection and translating it into a single image. Instigating friends and strangers alike to reveal the nature hidden behind our everyday masks, I endeavor to document the “hero’s journey” that we all travel. It is in this adventure, the revelation that I seek, and it not only fuels my work but fills my entire being and makes my world and life more empathetic and comprehensible.