Knowing what you don't know.

 "All theologies are straws His sun burns to dust; knowing takes you to the threshold but not through the door.  Nothing can teach you if you don't unlearn everything. How learned I was before Revelation made me dumb."  

-Jalal ud-Din Rumi


One thing is sure this new year; we will have ample opportunity for growth. Although mistakes are usually regrettable they also often point a new path.  I'm enthusiastic about the potential for  this year and I intend to use every bit of it I can, for making thoughtful, artful, change.

I hope you can join us for the Downtown Chamber Series featuring some brilliant professional musicians. It's a night you'll remember I promise. For details see,

January 14 & 15, 2017

Saturday 8pm

Sunday 7:30pm



214 E Roosevelt




See you there.




Gas Town   C print   2012

Gas Town

C print


Gas Town, 2012.   

Wayne Rainey

I begin again.....

I like to tell stories.

But when I sat down with the team we had assembled at Monorchid a few months ago, I had no idea that what we would be ultimately producing was another writing vehicle for me.....a blog. My work, art, my life, everything I think and do is influenced by the written word, so I it shouldn't have surprised me when I was told I would have to write again. Don't get me wrong- I like the idea of accompanying the film, photography and other art I produce with context. I had just supposed it would be a book or a script in my dotage, farther down the road when I had grown

Well I guess I'm old enough now and  I'm pleased to share with you a part of me that heretofore I've kept a little private. This site will be a place where all the work I've been involved in live. The art, the writing, the buildings, the communities, the magazines, the galleries, the salons, the little magical experiments and some failures. It'll be a place where they can all live together and hopefully create some clarity, if not for the reader perhaps for me, the author. Like everything worthwhile it will be a work in progress, and my hope is that by trying to contain it in one place I might focus it more effectively and hopefully even begin to understand myself. It is a daunting project.

So here. Here I am, as vulnerable and naked as I came. A model of heterogeneity. I'll try and be forthright and visceral and gritty and raw. I'll aspire to make art and create a larger expandable dialogue, an inclusive conclusion. I'll always aim for truth and I push and stretch for what that really means. I'll take chances and I'll fail miserably often and I'll try and try again. I'll be and be and Be. I'll tell stories, and share music and art and lust and love. I'll be human. I hope it's worthy of examination.